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  • Sku: SSSFX20-Let Us know-
  • Vendor: Skin Ski + Surf

Skin Ski + Surf Footer X Custom Measured Suit

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Product description

The best suit in the business is now in a kids size. All the tech, testing and ........ another fancy word starting with T - that has gone into the Footer X over the last 8 years of development have been shrunk down to fit your youngns. This isn't just a small suit either, we have taken the time to get the right widths and lengths so your child has most protection possible whilst allowing them the freedom of movement to perform at their best. This suit is a collaboration between Williams Westuits and Skin Ski + Surf and has been years in the making. To get it to this point has been a tremendous amount of work. "Tremendous work" dam, someone cut this into the start for me.


  • * Glued in, Non Drag Bouyancy
  • * Flexible Gradient Meshed Padding
  • * Ultimate Butt Slide Bum Pad
  • * Australian Std Approved

The Footer X is the most padded, most flexible suit your young ones will own. For more information open a chat window below and speak to Pete O'Neill, A 10 time National Barefoot Champion, he built it and can help you out

Made To Measure

Once ordered we will send you out easy to follow instructions to measure yourself up and send us back the required dimensions of the suit. The we simply build it to order meaning the suit wont just fit, it will fit perfectly. The whole process takes 2 weeks, though from Mid December to Mid January expect times to be closer to 4 weeks with demand being high

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Skin Ski + Surf Footer X Custom Measured Suit