Wakeboard Boots

Quality Wakeboard Boots In Australia

Ripping the wake takes a lot of control. Being one with your equipment is all-important when taking to the air, slicing through turns and manoeuvring moves that come to you in the moment.

To help you do that, specially designed boots and bindings are a necessity on the water. Manufactured by those who have tasted the waves first-hand, each brand’s complete system is created to be secure, easy-to-use and comfortable.

Through the process of binding, locking in and staying in place, you’re equipped with all the grip you need to pull moves all through the season. Most systems give a little leeway for you to mix and match with other brand elements if you wish to, so the opportunity to find something you love is always available at Skin Ski + Surf.

The models we stock offer a range of options to suit your style, and especially the gear you ride. Traditional and cutting-edge pieces are available to try before you buy, so you know what to expect in action. Drop into our Yarrawonga store and test out a pair, or pick out a complete set to be shipped out, anywhere in Aus.

Secure Wakeboard Boots For Peace Of Mind

Slicing through the water on a properly mounted setup is easy when done right. The important thing is to make sure that it’s comfortable for you to move in, which is key when trying on footwear and bindings.

Once on, the first test is bending your knees. There shouldn’t be any discomfort here as the pros know – just plenty of ankle support and enough looseness to let you steer and take off. Every set we stock gains the benefit of our own personal experience, so you can be sure that all the essential elements needed for premium performance are found in our models. After that, it’s up to personal preference for which style you pick to pair with your board.

Heel-side one-way jumps, one eighty, switches... you name it, our range will help you execute it. For the juniors, there are dedicated sizes to match the Skin Ski + Surf wakeboards for kids collection, so nobody misses out. The quality, as always, is excellent, with top-tier construction made to endure landings and sharp motions through the air, leaving you free to focus on channeling the next moment of inspiration when it comes to you.

Pick out your set and strap in for your next round of passes with the security to pull off even the most dextrous tricks, easily.