Next Level Safety with Women’s Lifejackets

When it comes to safety on and off the boat, Skin Surf + Ski has you covered. Whether you’re after floating support or an aerodynamic boost, our vests prove essential when it comes to protection on the water.

Our new Radar collection comes Australian Standard Approved, meaning they deliver on buoyancy, comfort and effectiveness. Labelled ‘S’ for ‘Special Purpose’, these jackets are perfect for wakeboarding use and should only be worn in smooth waters. Whether you’re out for a wakeboarding weekend or just a quick glide, safety always comes first.

Safety Never Goes out of Fashion with Our Vests

Our life jackets are made of premium, neoprene material that delivers on comfort and style without compromising your favourite activities.

Neoprene Vests are Designed for Wakeboarding 

Extremely snug and soft, the flexible vest allows for smooth movement whilst bending and contouring to your body – without making you feel restricted, uncomfortable and like you’re being pulled by your shirt.

Having worked across the market for a number of years, we’ve been able to identify the gap in the market for quality, functional products like this. As a result, we now proudly stock a range of women’s lifejackets and vests that adhere to both comfort and practicality, complete with the use of high-quality fabrics to ensure longevity.

Shop our wide range online now to complete your collection. For mroe information, get in touch with our supportive customer service team – we’re always ready to answer any questions.

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2022 IVY Signature Vest


2022 IVY Palm Vest