Kids' Life Vests

Ensuring Safety and Fun for Little Water Enthusiasts

Kids' Life Jackets

Having fun in the sun is for all ages, young and old. When littlies get out on the water they love making a splash, and a whole lot of mistakes usually come with the territory. It’s how they learn and grow to be athletes, just like the champs we have training them.

Protective kids' life vest is key to making sure they stay whole and healthy as they play and grow. That’s why we have them suit up in our padded water ski vests from the moment they're ready to get wet. Acting as a buoyancy jacket, and impact-absorbed at the same time, the padded shields make sure that time behind the boat is as safe as possible, however many passes they make. Shielding the shoulders, ribs, and back, they’ll take to the air like a bird and land all in one piece, with minimal force to the torso.

With sturdy fastenings that stay tight under all conditions, these sport-safe items aren’t going anywhere that your kiddo doesn’t take ’em!

A Kid’s Life Vest That You Can Do More With

Juniors love the water, and we’re all for getting them in as soon as possible. A little buoyancy always helps to keep them afloat as they learn to swim, ski, or use one of our wakeboards for kids at our Yarrawonga base.

All of these activities benefit with a colourful design to keep track of them as children explore the limits of their current ability. Apart from the clear style advantage, the beauty of going for an option with built-in impact resistance, rather than the traditional bright orange life jacket, is the versatility of athletic settings in which your little can wear our gear. Young sports lovers are keen to try out different options until one clicks, so the investment in an all-round premium style is perfect for covering your bases.

From Junior Classes to Your Nearest Jetty

No product goes through our store until we’ve thoroughly checked it. While we no longer fit into junior sizes, all of the kids that come to Skin Ski and Surf classes do – and find their protective shield to be very comfortable.

How do we know that? None of them have tried to wriggle out of the secure fastenings we put them in before they go for a ride.

Take it from us and get your kid the best child life jacket they could wish for on the waterways.