Ballast Bags for Better Wakes

If you’re a seasoned pro, you’re probably here to find out how to enhance your sessions. But if you’re new to this sport, let’s start with the basics.

You may not know that the path created by your boat as you speed along the water is called the wake. Often confused with a wave, this path emerges as your vessel shifts the water underneath it. Think of the little ripple a bird makes as it floats across a pond, then amplify it by ten thousand – this is what you want to wakeboard on. But did you know you can enhance your experience with a simple addition?

Add Additional Weight to Up Your Game

For sturdier glides and more controlled movement, or if you’ve been struggling to sharpen your performance and want to enhance your experience, our range of ballasts are just what you need to instantly take your performance to the next level.

Weight Is Everything

If you’re after bigger waves and stronger ripples, making your boat heavier with the use of a ballast means the boat will ride along lower in the water as you zip along, resulting in larger swells for you to cruise.

If you’re after a softer ride, adding one of these bags will ensure you enjoy a lengthier transition as you glide. Heaviness in the hindmost section of your vessel will deliver a more upright wave, which will offer you a quicker and sharper path across.

Shop our range of accessories and pumps now, and add up to 950lbs of pure Skin Ski + Surf weight.