A Cutting-Edge Line Of Kneeboards For Sale

From the moment Northern Californian surfers decided to catch waves on their knees, a brand new sport was born. In the beginning, they tweaked and tinkered with makeshift rides, but these days the tech has evolved into a cutting-edge class of its own.

Premiere brands like HO come out with something fresh and exciting each season, often collaborating with big-name legends for inspiration. Skin Ski + Surf gives two thumbs up for the innovations that emerge year after year, both in our fiberglass kneeboards and non-glass designs.

Mixing science with years of experience from world-famous pros, our gear is the best in the business, and we don’t keep it to ourselves. Every comp rider knows that investing in quality gear is key to helping them glide into gold. With decent talent and technique, our range can get you there.

See what we’ve got in store and find a model that resonates with your riding style. If the pros can get to first place (that includes us), so can you!

A New Generation Of Surf Kneeboards

The physics of moving through water at speed is impressive. Finding a way to hack existing tech and make it go faster, stronger, better is every manufacturer’s aim, and the labels we stock have never let us down.

Carved channels, ABS railings and secure straps are the kinds of elements featured throughout our line. Customisable strap placement is a welcome addition to most models, along with the option to add or detach hooks. If you want to take it a step further, the strap itself can be customised, giving you full control over the experience.

Add to that dynamic, bold graphics that scream attitude, and you have yourself a special piece to last you all season long and beyond.

Whether you’re taking it for a spin on your own or in a coaching session with our crew, slipping on one of our water ski vests will help soften the learning curve. Every design has its own unique feel, and hacking its potential takes a little time. Once you get it, you’re set for success.

Explore your options and find a piece that speaks to you. Get set to make some waves.