Ropes and Handles

Quality Water Ski Ropes and Handles

Whether you’re at the beach, at the lake or on the river, wakeboarding has been a much-loved Australian watersport for years. If you’re an avid enthusiast, you’ll know that a good rope can make or break a great day on the skis. 

If you’re unsure of where to start or how to maximise your day on the water, Skin Ski + Surf are here to clear any confusion and help you choose the best accessories and wakeboarding rope handles.

Not All Lines Are the Same

Depending on your sport of choice, your equipment will differ as your needs change. In waterskiing, your ski ropes will vary in length (also called the mainline) as you improve your performance or adapt to your surroundings.

These will generally come in 5, 8 and 10 sections, which you can change to suit your capability level or environment (such as ocean vs. narrow river). They may also have some stretch to allow for movement. If skiing is more your thing, check out our range of accessories, ski equipment and performance wear. Remember, a shorter line will be more challenging as you’ll be closer to your vessel and therefore have less room to move.

Hold On Tight

Almost in an opposite fashion, wakeboard lines have very minimal stretching, as this will impact your ability to do tricks as your performance increases. These are extremely durable and taught, and support the movement at high speeds and changing directions as you glide.

If you have any further queries, get in touch with the team at Skin Ski + Surf today.