About Us

Our Team

Pete O'Neill

With over three decades of industry experience, Pete O'Neill is a seasoned water sports enthusiast. As a multiple-time national championship winner in Barefooting and Show Skiing, he boasts an impressive collection of World medals. Pete takes the helm as the technical lead for the Skin Ski and Surf show, making him your go-to expert for ski, wake, surf, and foil gear advice. His unmatched expertise and extensive experience are at your service.

Chloe Mills

Chloe Mills is the driving force behind our shop operations and a national wakeboarding champion. She effortlessly splits her time between managing the shop and conquering the waves. Chloe's friendly demeanour, infectious enthusiasm, and profound knowledge of all things boating contribute significantly to the exceptional customer service that sets Skin Ski + Surf apart.

Olivia Psaltiras

Liv brings her passion for fashion and fun to the shop floor, offering expert fashion advice with honesty and style. Her keen eye for trends will leave you looking your best and feeling fantastic. Liv also ensures that all online orders are swiftly delivered to your doorstep, making your shopping experience efficient and enjoyable.

Natasha Prentice

Tash has been the fashion curator for Skin Ski and Surf since its inception a decade ago. Her meticulous brand and trend analysis guarantees that our apparel is sourced from the very best. Shopping with us means staying on top of the latest style trends, thanks to Tash's dedication and expertise

Brutis Ryan

A cornerstone of the Pro Shop and Ski School in Yarrawonga/Mulwala, Brutis is a veteran of watersports. He has passed on his knowledge to generations of skiers and wakeboarders, making him an invaluable part of the Skin Ski + Surf experience. In addition to leading water-based skiing lessons, Brutis is dedicated to helping customers find the right gear at the best prices, tailored to every family's needs

Harry Hogan

While we affectionately refer to him as junior staff, Harry's expertise and skills on the water are far from novice. As an up-and-coming champion, his youthful energy and water sports prowess give him unparalleled knowledge of our stock

Tess Ryan

Tess is one of our dynamic part-time crew members who keep the store running smoothly during weekends and busy periods. Her passion for skiing, particularly show skiing, is truly exceptional. Alongside her love for water sports, Tess possesses a keen eye for fashion, making her a cherished member of the Skin Ski family

Callan Ashcroft

New to the team in 2023/24, Callan is an exciting addition with extensive experience skiing in the USA at junior and open world events. His remarkable skills defy his years, and you can meet him both in the shop and on the boat. As a three-event skier at heart, Callan is your go-to guy for all slalom, trick, ski jump, and barefooting questions, and his talents need to be witnessed to be believed.