Wakeboarding Ropes

Wakeboarding ropes and handles determine how water boarders are going to get more air and pull themselves through flips and spins. A rigid and loaded line can also protect them from possible wakeboarding-related injuries.

If you’re a beginner in wakeboarding, we recommend getting a wakeboard rope and handle that will help you learn to ride the wake without additional difficulties. At Skin Ski and Surj, we’re positive that we have all the essential gears that you’ll ever need to enjoy wakeboarding without compromising your safety.











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Wakeboard Ropes

The most important thing you should consider when you’re buying a wakeboard rope is its stretchability — it should not virtually stretch! Wakeboarding ropes are commonly made from three materials:

  • Poly-EThis low-stretch material is perfect for beginners as it has the ability to absorb the shock of cutting through the wake during normal riding loads. It is also the most affordable among the wakeboard-specific ropes.
  • Dyneema — This rope is made from the same material as Poly-E ropes but has been extruded to be much thinner and stiffer. As strong as a wire, Dyneema has no stretch at all and is UV and abrasion-resistant. 
  • Spectra —  A choice for more advanced riders, this “fibre” is ten times stronger than steel yet is incredibly lightweight, making it capable of floating in the water. It is also very durable, and like Dyneema, it has zero stretch.

Wakeboard Handles

Wakeboard handles come in different grips and materials, specifically crafted to fit every wakeboarder’s needs and riding styles. In choosing the right wakeboard handle, you’ll have to consider several factors, such as:

  • Weight and Material — Handles are most commonly made from EVA, aluminium, or carbon fibre and are stamped with a texture for better grip. It is vital that you find a handle you’re comfortable with so you can execute tricks safely and without a hitch.
  • Length — Handles that are wider than average will allow you to do tricks that involve passing the handle behind your back. 
  • Diameter — Choose a handle that you can grasp easily, depending on the size of your hands. 
  • V Handle/T Handle — Also called the 'cheater' handle, the V handle is attached to the main handle. This allows you to pre-wrap the handle behind your back so you can not pass it when doing tricks.

Your Questions Answered

Below you’ll find answers to questions we get asked the most about wakeboard ropes and handles. Everything you may need to know before deciding to invest in or upgrade your rope and handle, you might learn here. If you have any other queries, please get in touch with a member of our team and we’ll endeavour to make both your purchase and aftercare easy.

What’s a Good Wakeboard Rope Length for Beginners Like Me?

Depending on your level of expertise, boat wake, and personal preference, the length of your wakeboard rope can vary from 55 to 85+ feet. For beginners, a good wakeboarding rope length to start with is around 65 feet.

How Does Rope Length Affect My Wakeboarding Experience?

The physics behind wakeboarding is relatively easy to understand, and it mostly relates to the rope. In essence, your rope length will determine how you’ll successfully clear the wake.

If you’re having trouble jumping from one wake to another, you may try shortening the rope, as a shorter rope will place you at a narrower section of the wake. Since you’ll be closer to the back of the boat, you’ll only need to do short jumps to clear the wake. On the contrary, the longer your rope, the longer the distance and the more time you spend in the air.

I Have the Traditional Ski Ropes. Can I Use Them in Wakeboarding?

It is not recommended. In wakeboarding, the rope and handle dynamic sets the watersport apart from other water activities. Having a good, non-stretch rope is essential to do tricks safely.

A rope with any stretch may stretch and snap back to its original length while you’re jumping wakes. Since you’ll not have full control of the rope, it can throw you off balance and cause you distress.

Can I Buy My Rope and Handle Separately?

Yes. If you only need a rope or a handle, you can buy them separately at our online or brick-and-mortar store. But if you’re a beginner looking to buy your first lot of wakeboarding gear, we suggest you pick up a rope and handle combo.

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