Wetsuit Shorts

Wetsuit Shorts For Women’s And Men’s Watersports

Dressing for watersports takes more than just throwing your neoprene on. It’s also a good idea to have something on underneath. Not only are wetsuit shorts stylish, but they’re practical and will help to cushion your fall when you hit the waves.

While our barefoot wetsuits are equipped with all kinds of technical features that present a competitive edge, don’t overlook the potential for pushing it even further with a pair of prime bottoms thrown on beneath the rubber. Afterall, there’s more to shorts than just covering up. In our world, every piece of clothing can be an added advantage to your technical and creative ability, giving you extra powers to wield as you wish.

We have both male and female styles available in our collection. They are super comfortable, and look every bit as rockin’ as you’d expect from athletic wear. There’s no bunching of fabric when squeezing into your second skin, which makes it a breeze to peel off when it’s time to hop off the skis.

Our Wetsuit Shorts Are Your Body's Best Friend

When you have extra padding on your bottom, you’ll experience an even smoother ride than ever before. The smoother your glides and tumbles on the surface. The cushy protection means any landing is shock-absorbed and softened to the max.

Most of the models we stock have quick dry features, so you can make the most of your trips without needing to pack more than necessary, though backup never hurts. Wear one of our wicked men’s rashies out to the beach or gym, and look your sporty best with a little help from Skin Ski and Surf.

We also have women’s rashies for the ladies out there, and plenty of shorts that fit the female figure. Shop the range and get bottoms into your ski wardrobe now.