Cover Up With Men’s Rashies

    When you’re out on the water all day, your skin can suffer. Strong sunshine, chafing and general exposure on your torso are just a few of the things riders experience. Thankfully, we have clothing to cover up and take care of all that!

    Made with the most advanced textile technology, our long-sleeve guards keep you comfortable while you’re enjoying the outdoors. The soft, sport-friendly synthetic materials always come with a UPF factor of 50+, so you can throw this on instead and say goodbye to endless sunscreen. Under your ski vest, out on a surf or as a casual part of your wardrobe, the benefits are endless and make life that much easier.

    With minimalistic, put-together designs, you might even want to stock up on a few for everyday wear, indoors or out.

    Shop For Men’s Rashies Online Throughout Australia

    The best sports clothing is found where athletes shop. Skin Ski and Surf was built to school the next generation of aquatic mavericks, and we take pride in caring for them at every level. That means supplying top equipment and protective gear, from wetsuit shorts to wakeboards, and everything else in between.

    Your torso is the body’s first line of defense and needs plenty of TLC to keep it at peak performance. The long sleeve guards we stock have a range of great features, including moisture wicking (where sweat is moved to the outside of the fabric, where it can evaporate), along with odour control and quick dry technology woven into the recycled polyester threads. Add to that clean aesthetics, and you have a very wearable winner that's great for all kinds of settings.

    Be sure to choose a size that fits snug around the waist – it’ll stop your top from riding up when you land or take the plunge. Besides that, a tight fit is much easier to slip on under your ski vest and doesn’t bunch up while you’re doing your thing. Each cut is made for the masculine form – or the feminine, if you’re after women’s rashies – making it extra easy to move your shoulders and arms to pull off extra technical turns and comfortably glide and slide.

    Stock up on quality, and enjoy getting plenty of wear out of these essentials. At a reasonable price for premium products, you can’t go wrong with the Skin Ski + Surf selection.

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