Kids Wakeboards

Premium Wakeboards For Kids

Shredding the waves is a whole lot of fun. From the moment kids get out into the water and start getting the hang of the sport, they’re hooked. Every young one that comes our way and takes a lesson knows exactly what we’re talking about – and they’ll likely want to have gear of their own to continue the adventure.

The excellent wakeboards for girls and boys are built like full-sized models, only smaller. That means top-quality features, excellent technical design, and construction that balances optimal drag with minimal weight. This sport is the only type in the world where hips and shoulders are out of line, which can take its toll on growing bodies, unless it’s accounted for.

Premium builds like those we stock appear symmetrical, but have asymmetrical elements created specifically to harmonise the form as it twists, turns and spins in the air.

The result? Optimal gear that gives plenty of room for budding rippers to test out their skills and develop into healthy, strong athletes ready to take on the world.

Girls’ And Boys’ Wakeboards – Designed For Fun

Skin Ski + Surf is all about bringing out the watersports with know-how and products to help Aussies enjoy the action. Our confidence in gear is drawn from hands-on international exploits performing for Australia at competitor level – so we know what to look for in both our kids and adults range.

While each model is made with performance in mind, the visual elements are designed to be more than a little fun. Both boys’ and girls’ prints and colours feature across the selection, showcasing cool, modern looks that young ones love to show their friends. Kitted out in one of our stylish ski vests and a pair of sturdy wakeboards boots, they’ll hit the water in brightly coloured gear that looks as good as it performs.

If your juniors have had a taste of the action and are coming back for more, Skin Ski + Surf is the place to get it. Surprise them with a premium piece of equipment for Christmas or an upcoming birthday, and the reaction will be an unforgettable reward.