Foil Packages

If you want the simple and easy route to success then Buying the complete package works and we have made sure its easy to do here. Boards, Foils sets and prices all in the one go.

If your a beginner try the Launch or Pod foil with the later giving you a lot more life in the foil as it can do a bit more. The Hoverglide FSurf is a great option here to. And Ronix now have the fluid mast and balance wing that's sure to get everyone foiling

For more advanced riders, try the Horizon series from Liquid Force or the FCarve from Slingshot. They are fantastic wings that fly and carve so nive

If your looking to pump, or the ultra experience out of your wings then go carbon. The G series from Slingshot and the Carbon Gliders from Liquid Force are so much fun and still offer plenty of carving to.

Almost all parts are swappable within the brand, so if your new and get the ronix foil with the mast that changes heights you can always swap it for a longer mast later and end up with a killer foil without having to buy two of them