Wakeboard Jumping 101 - Skin Ski + Surf

Wakeboard Jumping 101

A wakeboard jump is a thrilling maneuver that allows riders to catch air and perform tricks while riding a wakeboard. It involves launching off the wake created by a boat or cable system and executing various aerial maneuvers before landing back on the water. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced wakeboarder looking to improve your skills, learning how to do a jump on a wakeboard is an essential skill to have in your repertoire.
Choosing the Perfect Water Ski Size and Binding - Skin Ski + Surf

Choosing the Perfect Water Ski Size and Binding

Picking the right water ski is essential to your enjoyment of skiing but also to your progression. With the right size, the slalom ski will perform as intended and give you the best value for money. The wrong size waterski and it becomes a rodeo ride for the ages.
Foil buyers Guide - Skin Ski + Surf

Foil buyers Guide

Don't get lost in the world of foils, Let us help you make the best choice on what to buy
Safe Barefooting Tips for Boat Drivers - Skin Ski + Surf

Safe Barefooting Tips for Boat Drivers

Barefoot falls happen for a variety of reasons and I think I have experienced every one more than once. At least 3 out of 10 falls I see from every day footers are due to a driving error, what's more is that a good driver can actually keep you on the water when you fall due to your own mistakes.
Barefoot Hops - Skin Ski + Surf

Barefoot Hops

How to jump off the water barefoot the easy way.