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  • Sku: 242610-White / Black-29 in
  • Vendor: Ronix

2025 Ronix Shadow Carbon Velo Mast

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Before we talk about this new mast design let’s talk about the construction. More specifically high-torque ratio and added reactivity.

It’s easy to make a lightweight carbon fiber mast and say it is high end. What is hard – we mean really difficult - is having a mandatory anti-twist torsional properties and reactive at the same time. We have made hundreds and hundreds of prototypes and we have never used a traditional woven carbon fiber that could do that, so this began our journey with advanced spread tow composites. Then how to apply them in clockwise motion rotating each laminate by a certain amount of degrees. The result is a construction that is over 1.5lbs lighter than our fluid series, with an added energy that we have never experienced out of a carbon mast – but just as important was making it sure it was as solid as its alloy counterpart. 


  • Available in 29” (74cm)
  • Shadow Carbon Construction
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2025 Ronix Shadow Carbon Velo Mast