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  • Sku: 242650-Black / Gold-180
  • Vendor: Ronix

2025 Ronix Shadow Carbon Speed Rear Stabilizer

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Product description

More down the line speed, quicker turning radius, and easier to break free relative to the Balance stabilizer.  The ideal size and design for somebody that wants to jump on the gas and transfer waves with ease.


A new construction and design change for 2024. Built with infinite layers of spread tow carbon for the ultimate in lightweight reactive response. The design is based on a theory that takes an already incredibly fast wing design and introduces low stall speed.  It is one thing just to have a fast wing – but what happens when you are in trouble? How long will that wing glide for, and how easily can you regain the necessary elevation to start pumping again? This new Speed Rear Stabilizer has just the right radius and depth of concave shaped into the bottom of the wing greatly improving the stall speed.

Mount the +1°shim to experience the ultimate in top water speed of any Ronix foil set up.


  • Available in 180cm²

  • Infused Autoclave Technology

  • Shadow Carbon Construction


The voice of reason mounted on the back of your Link 3D fuselage. A stable easy to ride rear wing complementing our balance front wings.  The extra volume and higher winglet height creates locked in powerful turns for all abilities.

Hybrid Carbon Construction – An infused autoclave development evolved we learned that this style of manufacturing wings compliments aluminum masts and fuselages. This layup makes a more buoyant part offsetting the increased weight of an aluminum mast. A composition that compliments the mast by creating more natural rise/lift. This creates more pressure on the board so as you begin to pump you feel a more direct transfer. 


  • Available in 240cm²
  • Infused Autoclave Technology
  • Hybrid Carbon Construction
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2025 Ronix Shadow Carbon Speed Rear Stabilizer