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  • Sku: 246118-Iridescent Smoke-1.25
  • Vendor: Ronix

2024 Ronix One Combo

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Product description

As one of the founders of Ronix and the pioneer of the 1260, Danny Harf knows handle passes - this new One handle and R8 mainline package is designed for advanced revolutions.  

MAINLINE – R8 80ft – 8 Sections with embossed honeycomb pattern

GRIP – Ribbed Textured Lycra


  • Nylon BarLock = less handle rotation
  • 15” Extra tacky hide & ribbed Lycra grip w/ silicone seam grip closure
  • 25” Handle diameter
  • T6 Lightweight aircraft aluminum dowel
  • EVA inside handlebar for flotation
  • Handle strung with 12-strand Dyneema rope
  • Ultra-thin round silicone honeycomb embossed coated cover
  • Buoyant technology - it floats!
  • 100% Dyneema core
  • Abrasion free, snag resistant cover
  • R8 80ft mainline with 8-sections
  • 85ft total length including handle
  • One 45ft section
  • Seven total take off sections
  • One – 10ft take off section
  • Four – 5ft take off sections
  • Two - 2.5ft take off sections


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2024 Ronix One Combo