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  • Sku: 232476-White-1300
  • Vendor: Ronix

2024 Ronix Balance Front Wing - Hybrid Carbon

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A rhythmic flow of a sequence of movements.

A common theme in analysing foils is getting great drive, and lift but having a hard time controlling it. The board will skyrocket to the top, plunge to the bottom or somewhere in between. This series of wings will ask you what floor on the elevator do you want to attend – and most importantly – keep you there. A nimble turn that will easily roll over to edge with its elliptical outline and additional width. Will quickly set you in the sweet spot, and keep you on your specified flight pattern, and do it with a quicker reacting edge hold.


  • Available in 1300cm² and 1600cm²
  • Mid Aspect Ratio Design
  • Infused Autoclave Technology
  • Hybrid Carbon Construction

Sizing is simple to understand yet complicated to get right- The bigger you are OR the smaller your wake, the bigger the wing you should get. A small wing will make faster and tighter turns but be harder to ride. A big wing will fly easier at slower speed but takes more to turn. Finding the right size is important and we strongly suggest you call us if your unsure. Click the chat button bellow or call 03 57440070

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2024 Ronix Balance Front Wing - Hybrid Carbon