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  • Sku: LF232413
  • Vendor: Liquid Force

2024 Flite 120 Foil Set

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Product description

The ideal progression foil, get some confidence with the Flite 120

Learn to foil with all the upgrades in our more advanced kits. With the addition of the TC 28 stabilizer, customizable shim kit, and 27" alloy mast, the Flite 120 Foil Set allows you to progress quickly through learning stages and keep progressing through the intermediate stages.

Low speed lift wing designed to get people up and out of the water. This is the wing with built in training wheels to get you going. With extra stability and a higher designed drag coefficient, the flite will give you the feeling of flight and make it easy to control while getting used to the sensation

  • Flite 120 Front Wing - Surface Area 1200 cm² | Wingspan 65 cm
  • TC 28 Rear Stabilizer Wing - Surface Area 280 cm²
  • 27" Alloy Mast
  • 54 cm Bayonet Fuselage
  • Foil Shim Kit
  • Carrying Case

 What Skin Ski + Surf has to say

 If your keen on foiling but haven't done much or not sure where to start. its here. If your looking for the easiest set up try the launch foil set but for a foil that's relatively simple to ride yet still performs and is a heap of fun then the Flite 120 will be your go to for a few years before you want to upgrade

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2024 Flite 120 Foil Set