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  • Sku: 232470-232480-4.1-1300-adj
  • Vendor: Ronix

2023 727 Koal Surface with Balance Wing Package

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Product description

The Board


A construction incorporating the core of our high-end Flyweight Pro series but wrapped in a bulletproof Surface Skin. In short, the lightweight feel of your favourite high-end surfer, the durability of your favourite wakeboard, and a skin that breaks up the water for less resistance.

The 727 is a design that combines the most important needs in a proper foil board - deflection, buoyancy, tempo, and footwear.

The Wings

BEGINNER / INTERMEDIATE RIDERS: Try the adjustable mast so you can start low and then get higher as you progress or jump straight to the 24in mast - 4.1 board with 1300 wing for people under 100kg, 4.8 board and 1600 wing if your 100kg+

Never before has flight been so easy, and so much fun. An adjustable mast and a stable wing setup to guide you through foiling’s ups and downs.

INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED RIDERS - more advanced riders should aim for the 28in mast. Get the 4.1 board with 1300 wing for people under 100kg, 4.8 board and 1600 wing if your 100kg+

The gateway of progression. Many foilers will start off with this setup and have a comfortable learning curve – with enough performance to advance on a second wave surf voyage.

ADVANCED RIDERS: LIFT + If you want extra fun get the longest mast with the biggest wing, Its harder to tame but once you do you wont look back

Ronix's tallest mast combined with thier most universal wing size and shape for a controlled lift along with a nimble and balanced turn. Will quickly set you in the sweet spot, keep you on your specified flight pattern, and do it with a quicker reacting edge hold.


  • Alloy Fluid Mast – Adjustable (14"-20"), 24" or 28”
  • Link 3D Fuselage – 39cm length
  • Hybrid Carbon Balance Front Wing – 1300or 1600cm² volume
  • Hybrid Carbon Navigator Rear Stabilizer – 240cm² volume
  • Padded Foil Kit Bag – Complete with labelled compartments for all components
  • Removable Front & Rear Wing Protectors
  • Hardware / Case – Complete with neatly labelled displays for all hardware
  • T Handle Tool – 1 tool adjusts all fasteners.
  • Fuselage Tip Protector
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2023 727 Koal Surface with Balance Wing Package