2022 Junior District Wakeboard Ronix
2022 Junior District Wakeboard Ronix 129 No Boots US 5 To 8
2022 Junior District Wakeboard Ronix 129 District US 5 To 8
2022 Junior District Wakeboard Ronix 129 Vision Pro US 5 To 8
2022 Junior District Wakeboard Ronix 129 Divide US 5 To 8

    2022 Junior District



    A grom hybrid dream machine.

    ROCKER: Hybrid Continuous/3-Stage


    ENERGY: Neutral: 5

    RIDING STYLE: Boat / Intermediate / Advanced

    This board has the rare trait of adapting to you, regardless of your style or ability. Recently we took one of our best-selling all-purpose series that rides without stereotypes and made it lighter, delivering more feedback and noticeably softer landings. The District with its hybrid rocker ranges from smooth/low maintenance turns to wide open high-speed cuts. With fast predictable takeoffs, to explosive wake to wake jumps, this is a series that truly covers the spectrum. Riders that approach the wake flat into the wake will notice a strong explosive 3-stage lift. If you jump while on rail you will notice a smooth blended rocker line with an uninterrupted fast take-off and landing. Riders who have a tendency to ride with their weight more evenly dispersed will feel a freeride floaty feel when they initiate turns. Or experience hairpin turns with quick edge transitions if you ride with your weight more in the tail of the board. 


    • G&R Technology
    • Concave Bottom
    • Variable Rail
    • Thin Profile
    • 4 Fibreglass 1.0” Ramp Fins
    • Universal Riding Style – designed by Chad Sharpe

    SIZE (CM)




    18.5 - 24.5

    UP TO 57


    Boot Options


    Size adaptable comfort and control.

    Built with our adaptive MainFrame chassis, the District boot recognizes the anatomical contours of your foot for a truly customized fit. Constructed with our exclusive Stage 2 high grade foam to create a perfect balance of comfort, adjustability, and durability. Designed for riders looking for solid support with the option to fit multiple sizes. Your feet will thank you.  

    • MainFrame Technology
    • AutoLock Technology
    • Quick Snap Lace Handles
    • Stage 2 Liner
    • Classic S.O.L.E.
    • Built in Ankle Support
    • Chad Sharpe Pro Model


    The cornerstone of Ronix footwear.

    The leader of lightweight adjustability built on an adaptive MainFrame chassis that will shape to every aspect of a rider’s foot as it is cinched up. Complete with our AutoLock lacing system, Stage 1 foam, and a revolutionary adaptive skeleton – continuing to separate itself from the others in ease of entry, adjustability and overall fit.

    • MainFrame Technology
    • AutoLock Technology
    • Stage 1 Liner
    • Classic S.O.L.E.
    • Built in Ankle Support



    Performance packaged in a kid’s size.

    For the young grom who is ready to step up their game, the Vision Pro offers a closed toe design in a premium package. Built on our adaptive MainFrame chassis, the Vision Pro offers performance and comfort, ready to take your riding to the next level.

    • Mainframe Technology
    • AutoLock Technology
    • Stage 2 Liner
    • Classic S.O.L.E.
    • Built in Ankle Support
    If you select the Vision Pros we will contact you as Vision Pros have slightly different sizing - This way we can make sure you get the boots you need!