Step In To Hi-Tech Water Ski Vests

Owning your own set of protective gear is a must for the serious skier. The force of a ride takes its toll on the torso, which is why we take extra care to keep it intact.

Made to Australian L505 standards, our vests are top-of-the-line for performance and quality. All the features you could wish for in premium ski apparel are built into the designs we stock, backed by reputable brands who know and understand anatomy, working to support it.

Back support, padding, buoyancy and durability are all factors that make or break a model. Our team have had their fair share of styles to test out on the professional scene, and have a well-honed sense of what to look for in the armour. Find your ideal shield in the expertly selected Skin Ski + Surf collection and get ready to safely shred on the waterways.

Push The Limits With Our Ski Vests

Australia is full of enthusiast and professional league skiers who test the boundaries of the sport. As always, having the right gear is paramount to their success, preventing any injuries from holding you back on adventurous exploits.

The combination of tough neoprene, kitted out with durable zippers and buckles that stay secured, makes for a winning jacket. No matter the force of the blow, these beauties stay on so you're free to try all kinds of antics.

Testing out new techniques, then landing and crashing along the way, is all natural for passionate athletes. The means to keep their body in shape is easily accessed at Skin Ski + Surf. Learners and gold medalists alike have come to us for coaching and advice, which is an honour as we love to prepare them for best results at any stage of their journey. That's why we stock the best and recommend it from the get-go.

From water ski ropes to shorts and top combos, the selection of men’s and women’s options made available online and in-person are the best that you’ll find in Aus. Check your sizes and get a few to cover your sessions, then push the limits of athletic action sports beyond what’s currently possible.

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Junior Comp Barefoot Suit


Junior Ovens Vest


Keenfooter Pro Padded Shorts


Keenfooter Comp Barefoot


Weapon Vest




Pro Padded Barefoot Shorts


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