2022 RXT Wakeboard Wakeboard Ronix
2022 RXT Wakeboard Wakeboard Ronix 136 No Boots US 6 to 7
2022 RXT Wakeboard Wakeboard Ronix 136 RXT US 6 to 7
2022 RXT Wakeboard Wakeboard Ronix 136 One Carbitex US 6 to 7

    2022 RXT Wakeboard

    $1,199.99 $1,499.99


    A new lightweight, reactive mystery. Created by smart scientists in lab coats that like fast wakeboards.

    ROCKER: Continuous

    CONSTRUCTION: Blackout Technology

    ENERGY: Instant: 10

    RIDING STYLE: Boat / Advanced


    New for this year we took our speediest, well-rounded board and made it even more versatile. The new tip/tail shape breaks up the water for softer landings and is even more lenient on unstable landings. Now you are able to correct yourself and ride away from those uneven landings with a shape that will reward - not penalize you from being off target. Mixed with our fastest rockerline for more momentum out into the flats, and smooth predictable take offs. Our secret sauce – Black out technology generates added response through a turn, more feel on the water and takes offs, and effortless impact on your arrival. Unmatched modernization for riders looking at every advantage to progress their talents, or even new wakeboarders looking for a forgiving shape/construction they can grow into.


    • Speedwalls
    • Saw cut rails for traction
    • Saw cut channels for release
    • 4 Fibreglass 1.0” Ramp Fins & 4 Fibreglass 0.8” Free Agent Fins
    • Massi Pro Model

    SIZE (CM)




    22 - 26

    UP TO 77


    23 - 27

    70 - 89


    24 - 28

    75 - 93


    24 - 28



    Boot Options


    A collaboration for the history books.

    Teaming up with Red Bull and Massi Piffa, the 2022 RXT Boot is a special collaboration between wakeboarding’s most stylish rider and the energy drink powerhouse. The design driven RXT boot offers wide windows for enhanced mobility and weight savings while enclosing the heel and toe with our proprietary FlexForm material for greater flexibility and control. A custom designed logo highlighting Massi’s larger than life personality and love for his home country, Italy.

    Red Bull® Marks and the RBM Logo are licensed by Red Bull GmbH/Austria.


    • BrainFrame Technology
    • AutoLock Technology
    • FlexForm 3D Heel & Toe
    • Carbitex CX6 Technology
    • Heat Moldable Intuition+ Liner
    • Pro S.O.L.E.
    • Smooth Skin Lining
    • Superfabric®
    • Feetbelts
    • Ankle Shields
    • Pizza Boy Pin
    • Massi Piffaretti Pro Model


    A fusion of space-age technology and luxurious fit.

    The industry icon is back for another year featuring a triple black colorway with well-tuned comfort and versatile performance. The most proven and responsive boot in our lineup is highlighted by our proprietary Intuition+ heat moldable liner and an external asymmetrical flex pattern engineered by Carbitex CX6 – an American made, real carbon fibre, providing extreme reaction in a flexible form.

    • BrainFrame Technology
    • AutoLock Technology
    • Carbitex CX6 Asymmetrical Flex
    • 3D Molded Toe
    • Heat Moldable Intuition+ Liner
    • Pro S.O.L.E.
    • FlexForm Heel & Ankle
    • Smooth Skin Lining
    • Superfabric®
    • Feetbelts
    • Ankle Shields
    • Danny Harf Pro Model

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