2022 Rise Wakeboard Wakeboard Ronix
2022 Rise Wakeboard Wakeboard Ronix 132 No Boots W 6 to 8.5
2022 Rise Wakeboard Wakeboard Ronix 132 Halo W 6 to 8.5
2022 Rise Wakeboard Wakeboard Ronix 132 Luxe W 6 to 8.5
2022 Rise Wakeboard Wakeboard Ronix 132 Rise W 6 to 8.5

    2022 Rise Wakeboard




    Big jumps, wide open cuts from our new performance driven Women’s series.  

    ROCKER: Hybrid Continuous/3-Stage

    CONSTRUCTION: Air Core 3

    ENERGY: Instant: 8

    RIDING STYLE: Boat / Advanced

    New shape, new construction, new approach, and new rider in the development. One of our up-and-coming athletes got the phone call that she can work on a new high-end board. First thing she did was survey on social media. What boat speed do you ride at, rope length, what rockerline do you prefer, what aspects are missing in a women’s board?  The results were unreal - develop the lightest board possible, create a fast board that is responsive but won’t ever get a steep edge hold, and make sure the board and the rider don’t get a lot of line load. We married 2 of our most successful rockerlines combing the speed of the RXT and the kick of the One. Developed a construction living up to the Air Core name with the least amount of swing weight in the air, and more holeshot response out of a turn. Then we developed prototypes with bottom channels that worked for riders new to the sport, but allowed Mary to land 720’s for the first time. Rise – a new level in women’s wakeboarding.


    • Secret Flex Construction
    • Speedwalls
    • Tip/Tail Concave
    • G&R Technology
    • 4 Fibreglass 1.0” Ramp Fins & 4 Fibreglass 0.8” Asymmetrical Fins
    • Designed by Mary Morgan Howell

    SIZE (CM)




    21 - 25

    48 - 66


    21 - 25

    57 - 75


    22 - 26

    61 - 80


    Boot Options


    Open toe attitude.

    These one-of-a-kind, premier open toe boots are built with Stage 2 liners for all day comfort and support that is unrivaled in women’s wake footwear.  Built atop the MainFrame chassis, recognizing every aspect of your foot for the most customized fit.

    • Mainframe Technology
    • AutoLock Technology
    • Stage 2 Liner
    • Classic S.O.L.E.
    • Built in Ankle Support


    The ultimate in comfort.

    Built with our adaptive MainFrame chassis, the Luxe contours to every aspect of your foot when you lace up the AutoLock system. Constructed from a soft, lightweight Stage 1 foam, the Luxe is a top-of-the-line, universal boot with a price that is easy on the pocketbook. Support you would expect from a high-end boot, and ease of entry that will have you finishing that last-minute text while you slip into these cloud machines.

    • Mainframe Technology
    • AutoLock Technology
    • Stage1 Liner
    • Classic S.O.L.E.
    • Built in Ankle Support


    Elite performance & comfort.

    All-new for 2022, the Rise Boot is designed with a heat moldable Intuition+ liner to deliver a high-end fit and performance. We recognize a woman’s foot has different proportions; to create the perfect fit, we use softer foam and offer a lower cut to create ultimate comfort and performance. The addition of the FlexForm heel panel allows for increased movement and durability. Step into the high-performance BrainFrame chassis, you will not realize how far technology has come in footwear until you have tried it on.

    • Brainframe Technology
    • Heat Moldable Intuition+ Liner
    • AutoLock Technology
    • FlexForm Heel
    • Women’s Custom Fit

    Please note that the Rise boots come in sizes W6-W7, W8, W9, W10. If you select the rise option we will contact you to talk sizes just to make sure you get the right size that fits.