2022 Nebula + Horizon 125 Foil Set Watersports - Surf - Foil Liquid Force
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    2022 Nebula + Horizon 125 Foil Set


    The Board

    The Nebula has enough stiffness that when you pump you will get more out of your foil, but it also has the edges slightly turned up so you can really rip and carve without having to worry about the board getting in your way. Its comfortable underfoot and a powerhouse to drive your foil

    The Foil

    The foil is super efficient and powerful from its higher aspect shape. the 125 width will give you a tonne of lift to play with and surfing waaaayyyy out the back will be a joy. not to mention this is a carving machine

    Is it for you?

    If you have foiled before and are keen to get the best there is then its hard to look past. a large foil gets harder to control so the 125 sits right in the sweet spot for boat wakes and we have had a heap of success in the ocean as well, it's brilliant. the learning curve on a foil is steep, but if you think your up for the challenge and want to skip the more beginner focused set ups then it is doable on the nebula and horizon 125 combination

    If you need more help then please reach out for us