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2022 4.1K Tube Rope Watersports - Ropes And Handles - Tube Ropes Radar Assorted 4.1k

    2022 4.1K Tube Rope


    Towables are best towed with ropes and Radar ropes are here to ensure the best tubing experience. Available in 6K, 4.1K, and 2.3K strengths you can bet your bottom dollar that these ropes will guarantee a good tubing time.


    • 60 Feet
    • Neoprene Float
    • Assorted Colors



    • 3K – Rated to 2375 lbs for towing 2 riders or 155kg
    • 1K – Rated to 4100 lbs for towing 4 riders or 309kg
    • 6K – Rated to 6000 lbs for towing 6 riders or 464kg