Ride The Wake On Professional Grade Fiberglass Kneeboards

Ever since it was discovered, fiberglass has been a favourite for all things marine-related. The hard resin is ideal for providing a smooth, solid surface that’s light enough to float, and strong enough to bear the impact of serious athletic feats.

Our favourite adventure sport took note of the kneeboard surfing models that came out before it, and has gained a great deal from the best material for premium gear in the watersports space.

Sturdy, durable, and perfect for slicing through the water, we’ve had many a magic moment with the resin designs. Having tried out all kinds of brands and makes, our world-class crew have come to a consensus on the best range to supply enthusiasts and professionals across Aus.

Featuring a selection from HO, everything you could wish for to take on a wake is in the Element, Agent and Joker models. Edge rails, padded sections, and a cool design that helps soften landings... what more could you want?

Straps are sold separately in case you need extras. We also have top-notch ski vests in stock to keep you protected as you get into the flow and perform at your peak.

Why Choose Fibreglass Kneeboards With Hooks?

As you get ready for your ride, your hands will be busy setting up. The boat needs to pull you into the water, which usually happens before you’re fully set. The rope linking you and the boat needs to go somewhere while all that’s happening.

That somewhere is the dedicated hook built into the make. Once you’re one with it, simply take the rope into your hands and put what you’ve learned into practice – or come up with something brand new.

The hook is always a welcome feature for those who spend plenty of time riding wakes, and if you haven’t already, you’ll come to appreciate it. It’s a feature that all of our designs have moulded into them for that reason – along with other elements to make your experience behind the boat as comfortable as possible.

If you love action and adventure, get yourself some premium gear with Skin Ski + Surf and take it out on your next thrilling slicing session. The rush of blood as your adrenaline spikes will be the best feeling you could wish for!

Fibreglass Kneeboards (5)

Wild One Kneeboard


Temper Kneeboard


Party Shark Kneeboard


Joker KB w/ Powerlock Strap


2022 Mission Kneeboard